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Pandora's Box
Pandora's Box
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Pandora's Box

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3 random "oops" bars for $20

You will receive THREE random soap bars (at least 4 ounces each) from this collection for $20. You'll also find a small bonus item inside to represent the hope that Pandora left in the box.


By popular demand, there is now an option to purchase just the soap bars without the box and extra packaging! Please pay attention to which option you are purchasing.


PLEASE NOTE: Because this box is random, it is not recommended for people with allergies or sensitivities to certain oils or fragrances. Feel free to leave a note with your order, letting us know if you have preferences for this box (such as, “Unisex scents please,” “I hate patchouli with every fiber of my being,” “No floral scents,” or “No milk soaps”). However, Pandora’s Box soaps are limited to flawed stock on hand, so we may not be able to honor all requests.


About the Box

In Greek mythology, Pandora was said to be the first woman on Earth. The gods gave her many gifts, including a box that she would never be allowed to open. Eventually, curiosity got the best of her. She opened the box, releasing illness, hardship, and evil into the world. She rushed to close it back, unaware that she was trapping hope inside the box. To this day, people still use the metaphor, “opening Pandora’s box,” suggesting a single act that results in an abundance of trouble.

The bars in this collection are a far cry from the horrors Pandora unleashed. They have all the skin-loving goodness of our regular bars, they smell great, and we love them just as much as our full price bars. But they may have cosmetic flaws (such as larger holes), or they may be "first run" bars. Perhaps we decided to change something about the scent or design for the final bar, or maybe we decided not to release them at all. For at least one of these reasons, we are offering these bars at a discount. Each bar is at least 4 ounces each.

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